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At least one of people to become married must be both an excellent Lithuanian resident, a resident away from Lithuania, or enjoys Lithuanian origins. A couple foreign people with no early in the day connections so you can Lithuania will not have the ability to meet the requirements is hitched in Lithuania. The minimum age so you can wed is actually 18.

Someone wishing to marry in Lithuania need certainly to fill in the required forms and you may fill in him or her with the passport, delivery certificate, and necessary data (the following) towards the Municipal Registry Workplace (Relationships Castle). The application try submitted to you to definitely registry work environment where one of the long term spouses or their parents enjoys stated the place out of house.

  • Files certifying the new name of the person
  • Certificates away from delivery (occasionally not required, but not, it is recommended to carry it)
  • If an individual who plans to contract marriage is a resident from a foreign country, as well a file issued because of the skilled authorities away from his/their state certifying there exists zero barriers in order to their/her matrimony (i.e., a certificate that a person hadn’t developed some other, at the time still good, marriage) have to be filed. In the event that a citizen out-of a different county are divorced or a good widower, a file issued because of the competent bodies of his/their nation certifying his/their divorce or perhaps the death of his ex boyfriend-lover.

Files out of a resident from a foreign country (apart from the brand new passport) must be legalized otherwise specialized having an enthusiastic Apostille (with the exception of the fresh files given in the Estonia, Russia, Latvia, Moldova and you can Ukraine) and interpreted into the Lithuanian vocabulary.

There’s no pub to chapel wedding parties, but it is needed to finish the municipal techniques significantly more than to help you get the authoritative relationships San Diego personals craigslist certificate. Chapel wedding with a foreigner are controlled from the Chapel canons and you will is best getting chatted about to the Church that you choose.


About a week before the matrimony a bride has actually an effective hen party or «mergvakaris» enjoy it is well known in the Lithuania. A groom on the other hand organizes a good stag class or «bernvakaris».

A bride-to-be tends to make a great wreath off rue («ruta»). Rue (ruta graveolens) was a nationwide plant from Lithuania. It is a symbol of virginity, love and you can premarital lifetime and used in the antique Lithuanian wedding receptions. This new civil wedding ceremony is actually kept in the Area Hallway if you’re one to religious one is kept throughout the church. Really Lithuanians is actually Roman Catholics.

Pursuing the ceremony, it is the right time to just take numerous pictures. According to a local traditions, an alternate place for providing relationships pictures was a bridge. A bridegroom usually carries their fiance across the bride to be. Together they place an excellent secure into bridge and you may toss the new secret on the lake. Previously they blogged the names towards the lock.

The newest wedding couple are supplied certain work to create. Such as for example, sometimes they try sawing a log. Here they let you know how well they mode with her. Everything is complete within the supervision from an excellent matchmaker otherwise a great best boy. The groom and bride will be unable for taking good chair. Its chairs already are occupied from the some other few. Thank goodness that isn’t the true couple. This new groom was a lady. The challenge might be repaired of the matchmaker. There was some content to the his neck. On this material, you can read the second text «a knowledgeable kid – an educated liar». An amusing conversation is actually become. New matchmaker must «win» new chairs where in actuality the newly wedded couples is sit down. After some time he works and also the wedding party will start.